Awards and distinction

Awards and distinctions

24th edition of the Innovation Awards Gala of the ADRIQ-RCTI

Recognition – Finalist in the Technology Partnership category

Lito Green Motion in partnership with the CIMEQITAQ (now known as IVI) and the CGQ

2014 Celebrate Partnership tribute evening


In partnership with ING ROBOTIC AVIATION

 LEED Canada Silver Certification from the Canada Green Building Council




Une réalisation dont nous sommes fiers

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  1. Development of an automated system for acquiring and processing multispectral images embedded in a drone in a context of precision agriculture
    Agrinova, Optech, Université de Sherbrooke
    Research and Transfer Assistance Program (PART) from the MESRST

    This project aimed to develop an automated system for acquiring and processing multispectral aerial images. The system had to meet the requirements of the use of a drone as a collection platform in terms of lightness, dimension, and autonomy. The device developed in this project consists of 3 cameras, an inertial station combined with a GPS, a power source, and an ultra-compact computer.

    The acquisition system, which demonstrated its ability to obtain accurate and reliable information on crops, made it possible to target several areas of growth. Among other things, it confirmed the feasibility of offering farmers an image mosaic in order to show them the vegetation index for their fields.