Applied research

Research in geomatics is one of the key services the CGQ offers. Research projects lead us to develop innovative processes allowing us to insure technological transfer towards businesses and organizations. Our researchers team specializes in:

  • technology transfer,
  • proof of concept development,
  • component testing,
  • innovative products and processes development, 
  • solution implementation,
  • drafting of technical specifications.

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Data acquisition

Our specialists in data acquisition operate with cutting edge equipment to ensure reliable data quality. Our equipment such as lidar and different types of cameras can be mounted on planes and helicopters to access remote areas. The quality of your Project results depends on the acquired data’s precision. Our flexibility and versatility allow us to evaluate your data precision and accuracy requirements so we can guide you towards the best option for the equipment to be utilized.

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acquisition de données CGQ

Trainings and technical support

The developed expertise at the CGQ facilitates the selection for the best choice of technologies for your geomatics needs. Our team remains by your side during the implementation of new tools. We also offer adapted trainings and follow-up with you post-training.

Technical support

  • Geomatic diagnoses
  • Analysis and optimization of processes
  • Spatial and thematic analysis
  • Management of Geomatics projects
  • Collection and management of geospatial data
  • Access to specialized equipment
  • Tailored assistance

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Research Funding Support

A partnership with College Centers for the Technology Transfer (CCTT) your organization may be eligible for specific financial benefits. Depending on your project, our team guides you to the best funding option and takes charge of grant application redactions.

Municipalities are now eligible for Applied Research and Development grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Tax Credit for Technological Adaptation Services

Tax Credit for Scientific Research and Experimental Development

Fiscal Incentives for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)

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Cutting edge Equipment Access

Innovative project development requires access to high end quality equipment. In Canada, our unique collection of a variety of equipment and software will meet your project criteria. Our data acquisition specialists are trained to use them efficiently. We own many active and passive equipment, GNSS antennas and rovers, powerful IT infrastructure as well as a diversity in data entry platforms.

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