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Pêcheries Uapan, OrganicOcéan Inc., and Un Océan de saveurs




Applied Research and Technology Partnership (PRAT) Grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)


This project aims to develop rapid and reliable assessment tools for wild macroalgae populations. Ultimately, these tools should help to better understand the geographical distribution of different algae species or groups on a very fine scale (less than 5 m2) over large areas and estimate their volume for harvesting without the need for lengthy ground inventory campaigns.

This addresses the specific needs of harvesters and resource managers by:

  1. Allowing businesses looking to capitalize on the Canadian algal resource to quickly target areas with high economic value deposits.

  2. Characterizing the economic potential of intertidal zones through morphological studies for macroalgae harvesting purposes.

  3. Facilitating the assessment of the algal resource to better estimate the abundance and distribution of macroalgae along the St. Lawrence coast for effective resource management.


High-resolution hyperspectral, multispectral, and red-green-blue data collection from an aircraft, combined with low-altitude drone-acquired multispectral data, and on-ground spectral signatures acquired using a portable spectroradiometer. Acquisitions take place at low tide.

The spectral characteristics of the species are then evaluated based on the spectral bands found on the different sensors. This will enable the identification of relationships for detecting macroalgae species or groups in aerial and satellite multispectral images.


Hyspex VNIR-1800 Hyperspectral Imager

PhaseOne iXM-50 High-Resolution RGB

Camera MicaSense Multispectral

Cameras Advanced Navigation

INS Spatial Fog Dual Malvern Panalytical

ASD Handheld 2 Spectroradiometer

Leica GS18i GNSS

DJI Mavic Mini 2

Software: Parge, Atcor4, Envi, Metashape, among others


Resource Management

Environmental Monitoring

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