Fine Characterization of Undergrowth

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Les Jardins de l’Écoumène


Biopterre – Bioproducts Development Center


Programme d’Aide à la Recherche et au Transfert (PART) (research and transfer assistance program) – Technological innovation component from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


Biopterre and CGQ have come together to carry out an applied research project. This involved proposing new solutions for measuring the undergrowth’s environmental characteristics and correlating various plant groups to various microhabitats. In fact, several species with strong commercial potential require a specific forest environment to grow. New technologies for the acquisition of very high spatial resolution geomatics data bring a new dimension to the acquisition of detailed knowledge regarding the undergrowth’s environmental conditions. Tools such as LiDar sensors or thermal cameras quickly model microtopography and measure the ground’s moisture state. This information forms the basis of a territorial planning support solution that can be applied to agroforestry, which is integrated into a dedicated geographic information system (GIS). 


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